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Stock Color Flags

Flags are hemmed on all 4 sides.
Fly ends are reinforced with NABLONN thread to add life to the flags.
All flags are bleached cloth heading with BRASS GROMMETS for attaching to any size pole.

2 x 3
3 x 5
4 x 6
Shipping wt. lb. lb. lb.

 Please specify STOCK# and style when ordering.

Style B - Red

Style H - White

Style I - Blue

Style J - Yellow

Style K - Green

Style L - Orange

Style R - Burgundy

Style FF - Mint Green

Style JJ - Lavender

Style CC - Magenta

Style DD - Turquoise

Style W - Brown

Style X - Grey

Style Y - Sp. Yellow

Style F
Red, White
Style A
Blue, Yellow
Style C
Red, Yellow
Style B
Blue, White
Style EE
Lavender, White
Style GG
Turquoise, White
Style P
Green, Yellow
Style AA
Lavender, Magenta
Style BB
Mint Green, White
Style II
Magenta, White
Style KK
Lavender, Mint Green
Style E
Red, White, Blue
Style M
Red, White, Red
Style D
Red, Yellow, Green
Style S
Burgundy, Yellow, Burgundy
Style T
Red, White, Green
Style N
Blue, White, Blue
Style O
Black, White, Black
Style Q
Burgundy, White, Burgundy
Style HH
Lavender, White, Lavender
Style LL
Lavender, Magenta, Lavender

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